Most Expensive Wedding Gowns in the World

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The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Gowns A wedding gown is the most memorable attire a woman can ever wear. It’s that dress you only wear once but end up having hundreds of photos with it. You will see yourself wearing that same dress many years from now. So, of course, you want it to be […]

How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

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Imagine yourself getting married. What picture comes into your mind? Now, imagine yourself walking down the aisle towards your soon-to-be husband and with everyone looking at you. What can you see? If you’re like most people, what you probably saw was an image of yourself wearing your bridal dress – a gown that you will […]

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

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Average Cost of a Wedding Getting married isn’t as simple as saying “I do”. Planning a wedding can be pretty detailed, especially for a person who has dreamt of this day for many many years… and, it can be surprisingly expensive too. How much should you spend? How much is the right budget for a […]

Average Cost of a Wedding Dress

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How Much is a Wedding Dress? Many brides are often put in two situations when choosing the right bridal dress. For one, it’s a dress you will wear only once – just once in a lifetime. And, for something that you can’t go out with, have drinks wearing, or go to any event with, would […]

How to Get Married for Less

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how to get married for less

How to Get Married for Less – Plan a Wedding on a Budget So, in 2018, couples in the United States have been spending an average of $33,931 for their wedding. In Australia, it was $36,200 and $30,717 in Canada. But no matter where you are, it’s safe to say that you need at least […]

Guide to Planning Your Wedding

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guide to planning your wedding

Your Ultimate Guide in Planning Your Wedding Tying the knot soon but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here’s the ultimate guide in planning your wedding to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams… and how to get it together without pain and getting frustrated! Getting Started (16 to 9 Months […]