Guide to Planning Your Wedding

guide to planning your wedding

Your Ultimate Guide in Planning Your Wedding

Tying the knot soon but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here’s the ultimate guide in planning your wedding to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams… and how to get it together without pain and getting frustrated!

Getting Started (16 to 9 Months Before Wedding)

The first and most important part of planning your wedding is talking about your plans with your partner.

Sit down with your fiance and think about the style you like, whether you it’s at the beach, a beautiful garden ceremony, or a traditional wedding.

You don’t have to talk about the specifics yet such as money, guests, or date. You simply have to delve into each other’s dreams.

guide in planning your wedding

Once that’s done, it’s time to prepare your planning tools. Buy a notebook / folder / binder. Then, start going through lifestyle, fashion, design, food, gardening, and bridal magazines. Put together all your wedding inspiration ideas in the binder and use them as basis in making your decisions later on.

Next, it’s time for you to set a date. If you already have that settled, then that’s great! However, if you still have no idea, it’s important that you start thinking about it now. Without a firm date, you won’t know how much time you have to organize things.

After making up your mind about when you’ll finally tie the knot, another important factor that you must decide as a couple is your budget. It is critical that you determine how much you are willing to spend and where it will come from. Will your family contribute? Will his? Or will it just be the two of you? Set your budget and put it into an a Spreadsheet.

This is just an example of how you can create your Spreadsheet. Break down your total budget into each wedding necessity and put in how much you can spend on each. This is to help you stay within your terms or adjust if necessary. You can fill up the “Actual Cost” later on when you’ve decided on a vendor.

Wedding EssentialBudgetActual Cost

If you’ve already settled your budget, it’s time for you to make your guest list. Figuring out who you want at your wedding is extremely essential. So, start deciding on who your bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, and groomsmen are. And, to make sure you’re not forgetting anyone, you and your fiance should make your own separate lists. After, work on a master guest list by putting your lists together. Then, put this into another Spreadsheet file.

Now, choose your venue. But, before you can do that, factor in your dreams again and see how it goes with reality. Do you really want that outdoor garden setup? Have you considered the weather during the time of the year you’re planning to get married? Also, do you want separate locations for the ceremony and reception?

If yes, then think about the travel time between these places too. And, most importantly, make sure you have enough space in a venue for everyone on your list. Finally, look for an officiant that you are comfortable with and book him on your desired date.

Hiring Your Vendors (8 Months Before Wedding)

hiring your vendors judith valente

Professional and experienced photographers and videographers are usually booked several months in advance.

So, it’s important that you find one early. There’s no need to discuss the specifics yet, however, ensure that the people you’re hiring are open to doing the shots you want.

Another important wedding essential you don’t want to miss is entertainment.

A singer/performer is a must for any event. However, don’t rely on hearsays and suggestions. Attend gigs to know how they perform in front of an audience. Once you make up your mind, reserve your favorite. Also, consider hiring a DJ for additional entertainment. Usually, they charge less than live bands.

Once done, it’s time to find where to get the food you’ll be serving that is if your wedding venue doesn’t offer their own catering services. Meet multiple caterers if needed and try their menu so you have first-hand knowledge on how their dishes look and taste. Also, don’t be afraid to bargain! After you’re done, find yourself a florist who will handle your bouquet and the decorations at your venue.

Then, you can purchase your bridal dress. Remember: it’s okay to take your time in finding the perfect wedding dress. Judith Valente, a leader in bridal couture and a top Melbourne bridal dress couture designer who offered timeless beauty and elegance in her exclusive gowns said, “every bride deserves a fairytale ending with a gown they have always wanted”.

So, if you haven’t found the “the ONE” yet, then it’s fine. Never buy a dress that you are not happy about. However, do work with the things you have now to make the search for your dress less stressful. The internet’s pretty big with wedding gown designers and makers, and you can look for one near your town! Oh, and maybe it’s also best that you think about purchasing the groom’s suit along the way as well.

Cover Last Wedding Essentials (7 to 1 Month Before Wedding)

As your big day draws closer, there are more things that you need to settle. For one, you have a vendor to make your invitations. Basic invitations announce your wedding’s hosts, time, place, and reception details.

Send this to your guests and let them confirm their attendance through the response card that’s included. Another thing to think about is your hair and makeup artists. There are many who offer such services just make sure you schedule an appointment before hiring anyone to see how it will turn out.

Also, with only a couple of months before your wedding, there are a few things you have to purchase, such as wedding shoes, groom’s accessories, and your rings! You have to choose your music, assign seating arrangements, make your vows, and plan a rehearsal.

During this time, you should also be considering where to spend your honeymoon. Now, while it may be starting to sound a little stressful, don’t worry. It is also during this last weeks or days that you can enjoy your girl’s company and celebrate your bridal shower!

And then, there’s just one left to do: finalize everything. Call your vendors (florist, cake, caterer, photographer, and videographer, etc.) or meet with them if necessary and confirm their arrival times. After that, just stay calm and wait for the big day to come!