How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Average Cost of a Wedding​

Average Cost of a Wedding

Getting married isn’t as simple as saying “I do”. Planning a wedding can be pretty detailed, especially for a person who has dreamt of this day for many many years… and, it can be surprisingly expensive too. How much should you spend? How much is the right budget for a decent wedding set up? Is what you have now enough?

Well, if you’re having a hard time putting your head around how much you should shell out for your wedding, maybe we can help you! By knowing the average cost of tying the knot, you can work on your budget and finally set a cap on your spending.

In 2018, the national average of a wedding in the United States was at $33,931. This excludes application fees for your marriage license as well as your honeymoon. So, yes. It can even go higher. On the other hand, average costs differ greatly across countries. For example, in Australia, weddings can cost from $36,200 to $48,243.

Breaking Down the Costs of Throwing a Wedding

Your venue is the most expensive factor in getting hitched. If you’re looking at around 100 guests then that will cost you around $15,439 for the reception venue, $2,382 for the ceremony site, and $856 for transportation to get to these places.

Then, you will need to choose your bridal dress. Your wedding dress is, of course, the one clothing that you have the liberty to go all out. Why? Because it’s that one dress that you’ll see yourself wearing for the rest of your life. 

Average Cost of a Wedding​

So, it’s best that you go with something that you love. And, the average cost of wedding dresses is $1,631. This price is higher when you’re in Australia and you will have to spend around $2,659, depending on where you will get it from.

In connection to bridal dresses, retail stores are much cheaper compared to couture designers. So, if you’re going to buy a dress at a department store, of course, the price is lower than the average. On the contrary, if you believe you need a dress specifically designed and made for you like a Vera Wang dress on your big day, prepare to spend more than the figures we’ve listed. But, there’s actually a way to get what you want without spending too much. And, that is through local designers. One example we just can’t forget is Judith Valente. She has led the movement on bridal couture dresses in Melbourne, paving the way for many designers to follow.

Now, let’s admit it. A groom’s suit doesn’t have the same impact as a bride’s dress. This is why most couples only spend an average of $283 for the groom’s attire. On top of the dress, the bride also needs her hair and makeup done to ensure looking as fabulous as she wants to be. And, the average cost of such a service is $225. Not much difference with the groom’s attire, right?

In terms of photography and videography, prepare to shell out $2,679 for your photographer and around $2,021 for a videographer. These professionals are essential if you want to immortalize your wedding and have something to look back on for the rest of your lives together as a couple. On the other hand, you must also look for an officiant which is probably the most important vendor at your wedding. Without him or her, you won’t be legally married, meaning you are spending so much on just one big party. Prepare to pay $286 for one.

Most brides prefer getting the assistance of an event planner. And, because of the stress and frustration planning a wedding can be, it’s no wonder why! If you plan on hiring one too, it will push you back by an average of $2,002. While everything does seem to revolve around the internet nowadays, it’s not the same with weddings. You can’t just send a message invite through Facebook or Email. So, you’ll need wedding invitations. And, the cost of a basic invitation with a response card is around $386. In addition, since most venues are empty slates.

Average Cost of a Wedding​

You really need to make an effort to make it look like the wedding of your dreams. And, to do that, you will need a lot of flowers and other decorations. This will set you back by $2,411.

You will also need to party favors because it’s only natural that you want your guests to have something to remember your wedding by. Moreover, giving party favors is a way to express your gratitude to your guests who took the time to prepare, dress up, and make an effort to show up at your wedding. The average costs of such are around $245.

Another big expense to your wedding is the food. A wedding cake can cost $528 and your catering is around $70 per person. On top of that, you’ll have to shell out $1,297 for your rehearsal dinner too. Now, the last factor you have to consider is the entertainment. You need to keep the party and mood going and the best way to do that is through a live band which can cost $4,247. You will also need a DJ and pay around $1,292 and another $797 for your ceremony musicians.

A Friendly Reminder

Do take in mind that these numbers can be easily skewed. A mere $1 million budget greatly affects the average of thousands of weddings with a $10,000 budget. So, use this as a reference and not as an expectation. Also, remember not to bow to pressure from anyone. The amount you spend on your wedding should always align with your income and financial goals.