How to Get Married for Less

how to get married for less

How to Get Married for Less - Plan a Wedding on a Budget

So, in 2018, couples in the United States have been spending an average of $33,931 for their wedding.

In Australia, it was $36,200 and $30,717 in Canada.

But no matter where you are, it’s safe to say that you need at least $30,000 for today’s standard of a happily ever after – but do you?

Planning a wedding can be pretty frustrating, especially because of the pressures that go with it. But, it’s important that before you start planning, you think about what you and your partner would really like for your big day. Don’t think about your families and your tradition and simply lay out what you BOTH like and expect. Then, from there, cost it out and make your decisions.

After doing that, look at your budget and think about what you want after getting married. Do you want to buy a home? Immediately start your family? If these are your priorities then would it make sense that you’re spending more than what you can afford on your big day?

See, you don’t need to follow everyone else and you surely don’t have to spend like other couples. You can actually get married for less and plan your wedding on a budget!

What to Do to Pay for Less?

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Let’s start with your venue. The venue is actually the biggest expense in most weddings.

And, this is because couples have a different venue for their ceremony and reception.

To cut down your expenses, choose a venue that can cater to both. Fine dining spots and country clubs are now open to hosting wedding ceremonies.

In addition, we recommend avoiding Saturday for your wedding day. Usually, reception venues cost rise during the weekend, especially Saturdays. If you push it back say on a Friday, you can save up to 30% off the total venue price!

Another option to cut down expenses with the venue is by going with the alternatives. Maybe you can have the function at home, at your parents’ country property, or at a friend’s house beside the harbor? You can even go with your favorite pub or restaurant! See, weddings don’t have to be as lavish as what you see on TV. In fact, when you go for a place that holds special meaning for you, your wedding will be more “YOU” and you and your guests will feel a lot more comfortable.

Now, let’s discuss how you can save up on buying your dress. An obvious way to pay for less is to shop online. Many brides have had great success doing so and you can save a huge fraction of what you’ll normally spend in buying at bridal salons. Just make sure that you get your measurements right to avoid unnecessary retailoring – another expense you should totally avoid.

If you don’t want to take the risk of buying a dress that might not be as dreamy as it was in the photos and you really want a dress that is made for you, you could go with couture bridal dressmakers. Of course, you don’t have to choose Vera Wang and Oscar De la Renta. Go local and find one in your area. For example, if you’re in Melbourne, Judith Valente used to make the greatest couture bridal dresses in Melbourne. Her exclusive gowns have a touch of timeless elegance and beauty almost the same with famous brands minus the price!

The amount you’ll spend on event photography [https://circularink.com.au/]/videography can also come less if you take advantage of cheaper and digital technologies. Find a friend photographer who would gladly take over – just don’t ask to take their services for free! But, if you really prefer professionals to do the job, check their hourly rates! Day rates and flat fees often amount to a huge sum but you don’t really need photographers or videographers on hand for eight to 10 hours. See if you can get their services at an hourly rate, this will cut off a significant amount. Checking for hourly rates will also come handy for a florist, DJs, musicians, and your other entertainment needs.

In terms of food, you can actually save 25% or more if you ditch the traditional 3 or 4-course dinners. Check around your area for caterers who will be willing to do buffets or station meals. You can choose to serve roast beef, potatoes, pasta, and cheesecake, and let them beautifully lay it out in a station at your choice of venue.

Additional Ways to Cut the Cost

Other ways to cut the spending down is by ignoring everything expensive. Do you really need to arrive in an armored, hummer-style limousine? You know, you can get from point A to B without spending hundreds of dollars. Ask a friend with a nice ride and you can save that money and spend it on something more important.

Also, you don’t have to spend $1,000 on finding the right shoes that will make you look tall and glamorous. We know Jimmy Choo, Louboutins, and Louis Vuitton are tempting but they are crazy expensive! There are many alternatives that can make you feel special on your big day too!

Now, there are more ways to plan your wedding without spending so much. All we’ve given are the most basic ones and you can use them to stack up on small savings – which when added up, provides you with a surprisingly large amount! See, you don’t have to dig $30,000 out of your pockets to have the wedding of your dreams.