The Most Trendy Bridal Styles Of 2020

When it comes to your bridal look, there are a lot of options to choose from. One search on Pinterest can be quite an overwhelming experience. To help you select the right bridal look for you, I’ve interviewed a few wedding professionals and real Brides who share their tips for brides-to-be when they’re searching for that perfect look for their wedding day. 

Brides are loving a departure from traditional white, stepping out of the box with neutrals, blush, and brighter pops of colour. Also, the more details the better.

There is a similar shift with accessories- it’s all about layering in colour and texture. Go for mixed-metal accessories or incorporate fresh blooms in unexpected ways.

Below are the best bridal styles you can choose from!


Let’s be real, plunging necklines are just not ideal for bustier women. The neckline of your blouse plays an important role in shaping your wedding attire so you need to keep it elegant. 

V-neck or square necklines usually work best for curvier women. If you are top-heavy then avoid high necklines as they make you look bulkier and make your neck look shorter in comparison. You also need to avoid boat neck designs, as they will make your shoulder look broader than usual.

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It’s not that all those features combined together results in being sophisticated; it’s just that they often then don’t, especially when you are shopping on a budget and don’t have the benefit of expert tailoring, fine fabrics, and high-quality embellishments to elevate the overall look.



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When you are a lover of colours, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to just a few. Nevertheless, don’t make the mistake of working with many colours that are entirely different. Multiple bold and dominating shades create clutter and look messy. Also, the individual details will be lost in the noise.


It may also affect the end result of your wedding photos. Photographers recommend a streamlined style and colour pattern in a wedding. It will help to focus on the bride and not too much with the colour in the venue. You can also check out Vogue Ballroom’s top list of wedding photographers if you need some professional help when it comes to your wedding photos. 


While we are absolute fans of mix and match, did you know that wearing too many colours can make you look visually larger? As a curvy bride, you want an overall slimming appearance. So opt for a single solid colour or colours from the same colour family and base your whole outfit around it –be it your blouse, dupatta or lehenga! 


Now, that doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be boring, as long as you stay away from super-contrasting pieces, you’ll be just fine!



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When you choose an unexpected combination for your wedding, it is likely to look dated over time. Although it may look interesting at the moment, remember that your wedding memories should stand the test of time. When your album shows what is hot now, it doesn’t have to be the same years later. 


Hence it is better to pick colours that actually appeal to you than go with fads that will disappear soon. Classic colour combinations and bold, saturated colours will always speak to you. Ten years from now, when you open your wedding album, the colours that you eternally love will seem more attractive than shades whose names you can barely remember at the time.


Many companies bring out décor items in this colour following the announcement every year. However, not all such trends are timeless or classic.