What to expect from a wedding planner?

Weddings are fun and enjoyable days, but sometimes you can be happier planning one. While it’s normal for you to want to manage everything that happens on your wedding day, sometimes it’s best to leave the job of planning a wedding to the professionals so you can celebrate your special day with your friends and family.

So let’s get to it then! The following is our summary of the primary responsibilities and abilities for wedding planners, from Engagement to Honeymoon! And everything starts with a simple conversation

Initial Consultation:

The initial consultation between the planner and the client serves as the basis for what the customer wants from the planner and what the customer plans to do. The customer can be the bride, the husband, the bride’s mother or father, the groom’s mother or father or any of these people’s combinations. It is up to you, the wedding planner, to find out who will be your real client (or customer) and therefore whose viewpoint it is most important to take above all others. This will, of course, be the bride in most situations.


Wedding planners usually start by consulting with the couple to: explain the events— not only the wedding day itself, but also the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid teas, brunches day after day, and any other related activities.

  • Review the overall budget.
  • Consider the fashion, colours, feel, and taste of the couple.
  • Discuss progress to date.
  • The planner then recommends the assistance required and proposes a wedding planning services agreement to the couple.
  • Based on your needs and expenditure, the programs are likely to be a combination of


You can predict the following from him/her when you decide to hire a wedding planner to prepare your wedding


The budget should be one of the first and foremost aspects of your marriage. Could continue with the number of functions throughout the food and decoration. This decision will also have a considerable impact on the rest of your wedding decisions. You may find it useful in this situation to employ a professional event organizer to negotiate the budget to prevent over or underspend.

Vendors and Venues:

It can make you feel a little depressed to find out how many vendors there are (and how many people it takes to make a good wedding). Probably the most challenging part of planning a wedding is deciding who to trust and who is perfect for you. Nonetheless, the rest will be much simpler when you find a good wedding planner. They can recommend venues and suppliers that they have previously worked with and know how to get the best prices and results from them.


Whether we like it or not, at some point, all significant events involve some crisis. Every couple on their wedding day wants to deal with this, because your wedding day only comes once, and it can never be repeated. Wedding planners know how to handle these unforeseen circumstances. Invest in hiring a wedding planner to make sure you have a day free of concerns and pressure, helping you to enjoy your day just like your guests!

Wedding Vision:

A wedding planner’s other job is to ensure that the dream of the couple for the wedding has been fulfilled. Sometimes it seems impossible to describe your dream to your wedding planner, but this can make it much easier for you if you build a vision board. It helps the wedding planner to help you identify the right look, mood design, and feelings you want to develop. They know everything about the latest trends and know-how to bring the perfect atmosphere to life and what will fit in your place.

Create beautiful memories:

The memories you make in the form of videos and pictures are one of the most integral parts of a wedding day. Any marriage is essential for a videographer and a photographer as every couple wants to capture the perfect day to be nostalgic when they’re old and grey. Hiring a wedding party planner lets you relax, so you don’t have to think about the decision-making process, the specifics and the excellent printing. All you need to do is fully enjoy your wedding and create memories!

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a competent events planner and manager to have a wedding of the season!